Secure Mail


Thank you for visiting the Secure Mail portal. Please be aware that this service is discontinued beginning October 11, 2021.

For Novartis users: Classify to Protect (C2P) is the Novartis approved and supported tool for email encryption/protection. Please visit go/C2P to learn more.

For externals: Please get in touch with your local contact from Novartis to learn more about the change.

In case external partner needs to send protected email to Novartis user (using Novartis secure technology) the following process should be followed:

1. An internal Novartis user should send a C2P protected email to external partner

2. External partner replies to this email adding content or attachment with sensitive content

Password reset (only suitable for external partners, meaning Non-Novartis-Associates)
As a fully registered SecurePDF user you can reset your forgotten password with the answers to your personal security questions. External S/MIME and PGP users need to ask for further assistance over
Your Email Address (external users only) 
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